Living at SSCC

Special People, Special Places, Special Experiences

Staff Housing:

Staff are housed in rustic cabins, many of which were among the first guest cabins for Fallen Leaf Lodge. Although foundations for some of the cabins were first laid in 1907, they have gone through many remodels, upgrades and rebuilds over the past one hundred years. Rustic Row, located right through the middle of the property, houses a majority of the employees while providing an excellent view of the lake. You will most likely be sharing your cabin with either 1 or 2 other staff as roommates (depending on the size of the cabin). Some of the cabins have a shared bathroom and for others, there is a short walk to the facilities. Laundry facilities are located in the Main Lodge and are free for our staff.

The view of the lake from Rustic Row.


CCK photo 12

While you are at work at SSCC all meals will be provided for you. Staff eat the same meals that our guests eat and we offer vegetarian or vegan meals for those who might need them. Staff have access to the food storage area and the staff fridge for leftovers day and night.

Things to do:


SSCC is located near South Lake Tahoe in California nestled between Fallen Leaf Lake and Desolation Wilderness. This amazing setting CCK staff photo 1provides the background for many outdoor activities including early morning kayak trips, hiking of various difficulty levels, or just sitting on the dock getting a tan. Our boat dock includes row boats, kayaks, sailboats, stand up paddle boards and peddle boats available for staff use during daylight hours.

Staff Lounge:

Employees have internet access, a phone and a place to relax.  This is where you will receive any mail that was sent to you or find postings about what might be going on throughout camp. This is a staff only environment available 24 hours a day.